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Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

MO-SA von 12-19 UHR


Future Sound of London - Lifeforms 2LP

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Once i was obsessed with FSOL and all their other monikers and their musical universe: Mental Cube, Candese, Yage, Yunie, Indo Tribe, Humanoid, Intelligent Communication, Semtex...gosh, how much can you create?

2nd album from 1994. All of a sudden, the dubby trance techno found on their debut Accelerator had disappeared and made room for AMBIENT.
They claimed all their hard-drives with beats had been destroyed...i doubt that.
Epic ambient, a wee bit kitschy at times, but overwhelming overall.

Reissued in 2017. Sealed Copy in gatefold sleeve and printed inners.


A1 Cascade
A2 Ill Flower
A3 Flak
A4 Bird Wings
A5 Dead Skin Cells
B1 Lifeforms
B2 Eggshell
B3 Among Myselves
C1 Domain
C2 Spineless Jelly
C3 Interstat
C4 Vertical Pig
C5 Cerebral
C6 Life Form Ends
D1 Vit
D2 Omnipresence
D3 Room 208
D4 Elaborate Burn
D5 Little Brother