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Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

MO-SA von 12-19 UHR

Warp Records

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children 2LP, WarpLP 55, 1998

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Music as blurry and uncanny as the cover suggests: you think you remember, and the scenery seems so familiar, but you just don´t get it together. Where was it, and when…? Your memories are fading. Time goes backwards. Boards of Canada provide the. perfect. soundtrack. for. pot. smokers. Another IDM milestone. A 1998 Warp/Skam joint venture. Re-Issue. Gatefold sleeve. Sealed. DL-Code included.


A1 Wildlife Analysis 1:17

A2 An Eagle In Your Mind 6:23

A3 The Color Of The Fire 1:45

A4 Telephasic Workshop 6:35

A5 Triangles And Rhombuses 1:50

B6 Sixtyten 5:48

B7 Turquoise Hexagon Sun 5:07

B8 Kaini Industries 0:59

B9 Bocuma 1:35

B10 Roygbiv 2:31

C11 Rue The Whirl 6:39

C12 Aquarius 5:58

C13 Olson 1:31

D14 Pete Standing Alone 6:07

D15 Smokes Quantity 3:07

D16 Open The Light 4:25

D17 One Very Important Thought 1:14