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Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

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Warp Records

Elecktroids - Elektroworld 2LP, Clone Classic Cuts 035

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Based in Flint, Michigan, USA the four young sons of an electrician welded together their debut album. This album, titled Elektroworld, is a personal tribute to the well known pioneers of the electro-disco-beat; Kraftwerk...that was the story told by Warp in the beginning. But it turned out to be no other than Drexciya. A lot more accessible than the rest of their output. Kinda Couch Surfing Electro.

Looks like Kraftwerk's Computerworld Album and is surely just as good!
Originally released by Warp Records in 1995. Re-issued by Clone in 2018.

Sealed Copy with DL-Code.

A1 Future Tone
A2 Perpetual Motion
B1 Japanese Elecktronics
B2 Check Mate
B3 Mystery World
C1 Silicon Valley
C2 Midnight Drive
C3 Thermo Science
D1 Stun Gun
D2 Floatation
D3 Time Tunnel